Leaders in Tech Based Distribution

At Maintained Distribution we go above and beyond to give our
customers an exceptional experience. Through state of the art
technology. Our team helps you stay ahead of the curve, In stock,
organized and prepared to take your company to the next level.


What We Offer

We offer a range of services for all of our clients. These are Inventory Management, Order Processing, Logistics, and Communication.

Inventory Management

Maintaining a good level of inventory is hugely important to distribution. Management of inventory is one of the main responsibilities for distribution management.

Order Processing Online Sales, Store Front and Manufacturer

Once an order comes in from a customer, distribution management needs to plan for the delivery. This involves collecting the stock, loading it, and delivering it in a timely manner. Approval needs to be sent and invoicing done for this step to be valid.


Mode of transport is important to consider for all orders. If they require overseas shipping there must be agreements in place for permits to be approved quickly. Loading and handling need to be decided so that all products and supplies that could be needed are available online, in-store, and from a manufacturing perspective.



Clear communication is mandatory! Through AI-based software, this makes communication very smooth and effortless. This is to ensure that the correct products are shipped and customers know when they will receive their items.